Monday News & Notes

It’s that kind of time again, folks — and if you’re a US reader and haven’t voted yet, let me implore you to put it on the top of your Monday to-do list. Whichever way you lean politically, it’s so important that you take full advantage of living in a democracy and make sure your voice is heard. It’s the easiest step in helping to shape the world you live in.

On a less serious note, I’m now on day five of a two-week quarantine following my trip to Le Lion d’Angers and Pau last month, by way of Paris. It’s extraordinary how quickly you can start to lose the plot entirely when you go from being that sociable to this wholly and completely alone. Case in point: last night I watched a solid six hours of the Maclay Finals, and now I’m pretty sure I actually understand how the judging works…? Madness. (I also live-tweeted it over a glass or four of Malbec, because I yearn for human interaction. Please send help.)

National Holiday: It’s National, um, Ohio Day! Honestly, these are getting sillier and sillier.

US Weekend Results:

Galway Downs International Event & H.T.: [Website] [Final Scores] [EN’s Coverage]

The VHT International & H.T.: [Website] [Final Scores] [YEH Scores]

Rocking Horse Fall H.T.: [Website] [Final Scores]

Your Monday Reading List:

It’s time to end the stigma over body types in our sport. Becky Shipps looks back at a lifetime of weight fluctuation and discovers that actually, her riding has never changed as a result of it. Now, she’s calling for us all to be a bit more open-minded about this sensitive topic. [My Weight Doesn’t Make Me a Good or Bad Rider]

We really are all going to have to change our weeing habits, it appears. This after yet another report of an FEI drug test contamination after a groom went for a widdle in a horse’s stable. Wild. [FEI contamination warning: another horse’s positive dope test caused by groom’s urination]

Halloween might be over, but it’s still #SpookySzn until we listen to the first Mariah of the year. To celebrate, here are some horses and ponies proudly rocking their finest costumes. [It’s Been a Hard Year, so Here are Some Horses in Costume]

Have you managed to leave the first clip of the year until now? (No shame — me too!) Get ready for the Big Shave with top advice from supergroom Emma Ford. [How to Body Clip]

We can’t all head south for the winter. But if you’re stuck with freezing temperatures, impossible ground, and just a fistful of sunlight each day in which to attempt to get all your barn chores and riding done, it’s so easy to lose motivation. British Eventing offers up some advice for making the most of the gloomiest season. [What To Do with Winter]

The Monday Follow:

The incredible Compton Cowboys are saddling up for change once again — this time, with their F*** Talking, Go Vote initiative. The campaign comes complete with a hotline — 866-OUR-VOTE — which provides advice and answers any questions you might have ahead of casting your vote.

Monday Video:

Wear your mask, folks.