Monday News & Notes from Fleeceworks

Kulak Equestrian showing their Patriots pride on Super Bowl Sunday in Wellington. Photo by Gloria Callen.

The New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams on a score of 13-3 last night to claim their sixth Super Bowl Championship title. Regardless of your feelings about football, you have to admit that the Patriots jump at Kulak Equestrian is pretty awesome.

National Holiday: National Football Hangover Day

U.S. Weekend Action:

Stable View H.T. [Final Scores]

Sporting Days Farm H.T. [Final Scores]

Three Lakes at Caudle Ranch H.T. [Final Scores]

Galway Downs H.T. [Final Scores]

Your Monday News & Notes:

New Zealand has announced the team’s 2019 High Performance Squads, with Jonelle Price, Tim Price, Mark Todd and Clarke Johnstone all having horses named to to the High Performance squad. Tim also has two horses on the High Performance Futures squad alongside Blyth Tait, Dan Jocelyn, Caroline Powell, Jesse Campbell and Amanda Pottinger. USA-based Joe Meyer was named to the High Performance Potential Squad. [Tokyo Olympic Games Drives Squad Changes]

How are you planning your horse’s fitness schedule as you look ahead to spring competitions? U.S. team rider Lynn Symansky and U.S. team vet Dr. Susan Johns teamed up to speak about how to ensure you are conditioning your horse properly for your target events without risking injury. [The Art of Conditioning an Event Horse]

Don’t miss this super interview with 18-year-old Kanyon Walker, who is well known in the Ocala area as a high school football standout and most recently received a full scholarship to play for Tulane University. He is also an accomplished event rider, having competed to the CCI2*-L level with his Thoroughbred, Kenneth Street, and has big plans for his future as an equine professional after college. [Unbridled: Ocala Magazine]

How do you get “into the zone” when you compete? Sports psychologist Daniel Stewart believes that first you have to create a “flow-state — a sort of subconscious rhythm or harmony that changes your thinking from forced, mechanical, and over-analyzing to calm, confident, and un-rushed.” [Daniel Stewart’s Tip of the Month: Distracting Distractions]

Monday Video: In case you missed it, here’s the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial that aired during last night’s Super Bowl. [Watch 20 Years of Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl Commercials]