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Feeling the Burghley blues? Us, too. But a bevy of riders haven’t let them get them down — they completed a mega cycle from Badminton to Burghley over the weekend, all in aid of the air ambulance. They’re still working on hitting their 15k target — drop them a donation here!

National Holiday: Finally, something I can get behind — it’s National Beer Lover’s Day! Make mine a Kriek, please.

US Weekend Results:

UK Weekend Results:

Global Eventing Roundup:

  • Sopot in Poland was the biggest eventing fixture of last week, hosting classes from CCI2*-S all the way through CCI4*-L. The Netherlands’ Tim Lips took top honours in the feature class, riding eight-year-old Herby, who is easily my favourite horse in the WHOLE WORLD.

Your Monday Reading List:

The brilliant Freedom Zampaladus is launching a new web-based TV series, which sees him take celebrities out hacking around inner-city Leicester. The unique new interview format won’t just give us all an insight into the subject’s lives, it’ll also give them exposure to horses — and their fans, too. Plus, it’ll help to raise money for Freedom’s inner-city equestrian access programme, the Urban Equestrian Academy. We can’t wait to tune in. [Move over Carpool Karaoke: here comes Celebrities in the Saddle]

We’re all still abuzz with excitement about the Kentucky Derby. But do you know about its richly diverse history? This article dives into the annals and explores why things have changed — and why they should change again. [Diversity on the track: history of Black jockeys]

And this one explores the double pressures facing Black horse-owner Greg Harbut leading to the race. When was the last time you felt you had to choose between accomplishing a lifelong dream and standing in solidarity with your race? The duality is an immensely complex, achingly tricky one. [Pull Out of the Kentucky Derby? Pressure on a Black Owner Mounts]

Should you stay, or should you go? So often, riders find themselves sticking around in unsuitable trainer-student situations for a variety of reasons — cost, convenience, and sometimes, the stigma of ‘breaking up’ and the fear of burning bridges. But this shouldn’t ever stop you from finding the best place to chase your dreams. Here, several riders from across the disciplines share the details of their own splits. [Why I Left My Trainer]

Practical Horseman’s four-part series on the American Thoroughbred through history culminates in a feature on Good Mixture, Kevin Freeman’s Munich Olympics partner. Mixture would go on to be campaigned by Mike Plumb in the latter years of his career — and he’d also go blind in one eye, though this never caused his extraordinary performances to ebb. “He was a Maserati on cross-country,” says Mike. [Salute to the American Thoroughbred: Good Mixture]

Head behind the stall door with Zenshera, Ros Canter’s pint-sized five-star partner with an unusual underdog story. Full disclaimer: I wrote this one, so of course I’m going to share it. Even fuller disclaimer: Alfie is the most adorably sweet little horse and Ros practically had to remove me from his stable when we’d finished this interview. You’ll want to steal him, too. [Behind the Stall Door with Zenshera]

What I’m Listening To: I’ve been fending off the Burghley blues however I possibly can over the last week, and the Eventing Podcast‘s interview with course designer (and legend of the sport in his own right, of course) Captain Mark Phillips has been a helpful addition to my arsenal. Mostly. I still wish I was sprinting back and forth to the mixed zone.

Donation Station: This week is International Air Ambulance week, and I know our readers in the UK in particular rely on this incredible service to keep them in one piece. If you’ve been rescued by the air ambulance before — or if you’re simply grateful for the work they do — consider a donation to your local branch this week, or come up with a creative way to raise some funds and awareness. We’re particularly big fans of any kind of sponsored challenge — the sillier, the better!

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