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Happy lazy Monday to all those benefitting from a day off work today! For all the rest of us (hey, horse people), I hope you get your paws on plenty of discounted Easter choccies today. I’m planning a trip down the road to get those ÂŁ1 Easter eggs for a 25% markdown, and if that means all my meals today are in chocolate form, then so be it. We’ve got to fuel up for the season ahead, friends.

National Holiday: It’s National Hug Your Dog Day. Do any of us really need any extra encouragement?

U.S. Weekend Action:

Stable View Spring 2/3/4* and H.T. (Aiken, SC) [Website] [Results] [EN’s Coverage]

CDCTA Spring H.T. (Ruckersville, VA) [Website] [Results]

Pine Hill Spring H.T (Belleville, TX) [Website] [Results]

Rocking Horse Spring H.T (Altoona, FL) [Website] [Results]

U.K. Weekend Results:

Norton Disney (Lincoln, Lincs.): [Results]

Breckenbrough (Thirsk, Yorks.): [Results]

Larkhill (Amesbury, Wilts.): [Results]

Your Monday Reading List:

National Hunt — that is, jumps racing — horses are a special kind of tough. They tend to keep racing far longer than their flat racing counterparts, and afterwards, they can enjoy several more careers. In case you need any further evidence that Thoroughbreds are just the coolest, H&H caught up with a few legends of the sport to find out what they’ve been getting up to since their final fling across the finish line. Spoiler alert: there’s at least one Grand National winner out eventing.

British events love a bit of glamping, don’t they? Bramham is the next Big B to get the Glastonbury treatment, with boutique yurts available to book this year. If you can nab yourself an invite to the Thursday night cocktail party, which is always rather rowdy, you’ll be glad of a bed within stumbling distance. Here’s how to book.

Do you love a trail ride with your dog? If you’ve got the space to do so safely, I completely envy you — it’s a no-go here in the UK for those of us who use public bridleways! This piece, though, will help you finesse the process if you do have enough land to want to get out and about with both of your four-legged best pals. Happy trails!

It’s time for a sit-down with Bobby Costello. His tenure as interim chef d’equipe has turned into a permanent appointment in the position, and along the way, US Eventing has achieved some seriously lofty goals. But how did Bobby get where he is now, and what’s next on the agenda? Exciting times for the US Eventing team!

The FutureTrack Follow:

Formerly British eventer Julia Norman has made the big decision to swap to Zimbabwean nationality — a claim she can make via her mother’s birth in the country. That’ll make her just Zimbabwe’s second-ever five-star eventer, and you can follow her adventures and results on Instagram!

Morning Viewing:

Oh, NBD, just Jessica von Bredow-Werndl absolutely smashing it again.

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