Monday News & Notes from FutureTrack

A massive thanks to everyone who helped put the inaugural Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill on the map, including its amazing army of volunteers!

U.S. Weekend Action:

Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill: [Website] [EN’s Coverage] [Daily Digest Email Sign-up] [EN’s Twitter] [EN’s Instagram]

Ocala Fall H.T. (Ocala, Fl.): [Website] [Results]

Pine Hill Fall H.T. (Bellville, Tx.): [Website] [Results]

UK Weekend Action:

Bovington (2): [Results]

Broadway (2): [Results]

Oasby (2): [Results]

Global Eventing Round-up:

In between Boekelo and Le Lion d’Angers, I’ve been travelling around the north of Europe with a rider pal to try to hunt out a young star of the future, and with such specific days available to us, I feel I can confidently tell you — with a deep sigh — that everyone in sodding Europe was at Poland’s Strzegom October International, or in Sweden with their youngsters. But that certainly made for some super competition, particularly at Strzegom, where Britain’s Libby Seed took her first-ever CCI4*-L victory at just 23, riding Heartbreaker Star Quality to a four place climb through the weekend.

Your Monday Reading List:

One of my favourite things about five-stars is that, no matter which angle you’re looking at them from, you’ll find such an extraordinary variety of stories and heroic accomplishments. For example, podium finisher Tim Price managed to set a pretty cool record at Maryland over the weekend — and it might take a while for anyone to catch him on this one!

There’s nothing that lights my fire more robustly than a bit of eventing history, which means I continue to patiently wait for Jimmy Wofford to become my pen pal. In the meantime, I’m diving into this excerpt on the sport’s early “influencers” and daydreaming about the day when I’ll show him my notes on Czechoslovakia’s 19,000 penalties at the 1936 Olympics.

Researchers have been studying the many ways equids are crucial to helping communities after disaster strikes. From transporting essential supplies to providing a means of transportation, they can even help to restore fractured economies — so keep a donkey in your first aid kit, folks.

And finally, from Maryland to sunny France, we’re diving into the Young Horse World Championships at Le Lion d’Angers this week — so get up to speed with the entries and pour yourself a glass of Bordeaux, because it’s going to be a great one!

Morning Viewing: