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Although I was disappointed not to find a way to sneak over to Geneva to check out the legendary CHI Geneve, thanks to Omicron and some delightful new travel restrictions, I’ve loved following their indoor cross-country challenge, which was ably won for the home nation by Olympian Robin Godel and his Europeans mount Grandeur de Lully CH. I’ve been totally and utterly convinced for a few years now that this exciting young rider is the next megastar of our sport, and though he’s had a turbulent year, his riding at the weekend only cemented my conviction further. Don’t take your eye off this one as we inch closer to next year’s World Championships.

US Weekend Action:

Full Gallop Farm Jingle Bells H.T. (Aiken, Sc.): [Website] [Results]

Your Monday Reading List:

It’s Olympia week in the UK, and everyone knows that Christmas can’t really begin until this iconic show has begun. Though it’s a little different this year — and, in fact, not ‘Olympia’ at all after its move to London’s ExCel Centre — it’s still set to be beyond brilliant, with appearances from some of Britain’s top riders, alongside the likes of Martin Fuchs and Steve Guerdat. Even better? Thanks to a new broadcasting deal, you can tune in from home and ensure you don’t miss any of the action.

The US Olympic Endowment recently named the recipients of its three major awards, and an equestrian has made history by taking one of them for the first time. The horsey chap in question has played a pretty colossal part in modern-day US eventing, and was honoured for his service and commitment to the country’s efforts.

We all want to learn and improve, but are you accidentally standing in your own way? In this excerpt from his new book, Daniel Stewart shows you the learning ladder and how to implement it — and crucially, how to repurpose anxiety and nerves so they serve you.

Sometimes, people are pretty disappointing. Other times, they really are heroes beyond words. That was certainly the case when a team of rescuers spent five hours working through the debris of a Missouri barn, which had been destroyed by a tornado, in order to free the terrified horses trapped under the rubble.

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For wanderlust and pure, raging envy, it’s got to be Kiwi superstar Jonelle Price, who’s currently on holiday in Mauritius and not at all abashed about sharing her sunny views.

Morning Viewing:

Check out Elisa Wallace and Let It Be Lee’s cross-country round in the CCI4*-s at TerraNova, which helped to earn them fifth place!