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‘Tis the season — the season for big bucking fits, that is. Even those who ride older, ‘wiser’ horses aren’t safe from a case of five-minute madness, as demonstrated by Tiana Coudray‘s 2012 Olympic mount Ringwood Magister, who’s been busy teaching Morgan Evenett the true meaning of stickability. Ahh, they’re so sweet and sensible when they’re in their 20s, aren’t they?

National Holiday: It’s both National Caroling Day and National Sangria Day, and I fully condone combining the two to create an adrenaline sport I like to call ‘Danger Caroling.’

Your Monday Reading List:

Despite considerable backlash from the jumping community in particular, the three-to-a-team rule at the Olympics looks like it’s here to stay. But how did that vote get through — and is horse welfare being negatively impacted by the sway of ‘ghost voters’ in the form of smaller national federations? Pippa Cuckson investigates.

The extraordinary Rachael Blackmore has been named the World Sport Star of the Year at the BBC Sports Personality awards. This comes after an awe-inspiring season that saw her become the first-ever female winner of the Grand National and the first female leading jockey at Cheltenham. My own trainer discovered that the best way to get me to see a stride to a fence is to bellow “PRETEND YOU’RE RACHAEL BLACKMORE” at me as I turn onto the line, so she truly is magical.

After an Olympic Games, there’s always valid concern about what will happen to those expensive, purpose-built venues. Now, we know how Tokyo’s Baji Koen equestrian venue will be utilised going forward, and it’s a huge win for riders with disabilities at the grassroots and competitive levels.

Irish eventer Jonty Evans continues to make great strides in his ongoing recovery from the 2018 fall that left him with a traumatic brain injury. He and Cooley Rorkes Drift have been out showjumping recently, delivering what a round that Jonty describes as his first proud moment in competition since his return.

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Watch recently retired jump jockey Lizzie Kelly and the Grade One winning Tea For Two tackle their post-track training with a bit of help from Piggy March — it’s perfect OTTB inspo for a gloomy Monday.