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Now that we’ve made it through the holidays, emerged from our cheese coma, and kicked our way through to a new year like the Kool-Aid man, it’s roughly the sort of time that I start getting really excited about the season to come. That feeling is fed, of course, by the hard-working event social media managers around the world, all of whom are making  a jolly good effort to remind us all that they exist as box offices begin to reopen for the year ahead. But this pensive picture of a sleepy Kentucky Horse Park didn’t just get me daydreaming about the event to come — one that I hope I’ll get the chance to see in person for the first time! It also made me think back to the extraordinary effort the eventing community made to ensure it happened in 2021, and it’s exactly that can’t-hold-us-down communal spirit that encapsulates the vibe I want to bring into 2022. Screw resolutions; let’s just keep on changing the world the only way we know how — by rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty.

National Holiday: It’s Women Rock! Day, which celebrates gals who are just a little bit rock & roll. I’ll be listening to Hole while I muck out, but that’s not really a change from the norm, if I’m honest.

Your Monday Reading List:

At just 19, Alice Casburn is basically the embodiment of a pony novel heroine. Riding a second-generation homebred, she finished second at Blair Castle CCI4*-L in 2021, then made her five-star debut at Pau, jumping two excellent clear rounds and continuing to be a generally excellent person. Learn more about her here.

We all talk a lot about the downsides of Covid — and truly, there have been many. But in the grand spirit of making the best of a bad situation, how about the unexpected good things that have come out of this pandemic? Horse&Hound ponders the positive in this piece, and I have to say, I’m totally with them on the improved state of warm-up rings at British Eventing competitions.

In terms of celebrity deaths, I’m not sure any have been as universally rued as that of legendary comic actress Betty White. But she doesn’t just leave behind her a legacy of unproblematic wit — she also made an impact on the horse world that you probably haven’t heard about. Here’s more from EQUUS.

A lot has changed for equestrian sport in the last year. COTH is looking at the year ahead with a neat little summary of what’s in, and what’s out, for 2022.

16-year-old Zoie Brogdon is making a name for herself on the West Coast jumper circuit – and she’s inspiring plenty of other young riders along the way. Find out more about the Compton Junior Posse rider, who sat down for a chat with Sports Illustrated.

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The OYES Equestrian Scholarship is committed to supporting diverse talent in the horse industry — and there’s no better time to follow them than right now, as they head closer to their January 15th deadline for the next round of awards.

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Meet 18hh(!) Hillcrest, who’s taking the world of jumps racing one enormous stride at a time.