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Here’s something I’m very into: matching tattoos to commemorate Kentucky weekend and successful business ventures. I am an unabashed fan of a bit of ink, and I’ve always quietly felt that it’s a good thing I don’t ride professionally, because I would totally be the person with five star outlines that I’d fill in as I nailed my completions, and the Olympic Rings tattooed, and probably all the lip numbers of the OTTBs I’ve competed. Case in point? One of my tattoos is based on a bit of graffiti I spotted by the side of a highway while driving across Switzerland to report on the European Championships last year.

National Holiday: It’s Children’s Book Week! I have a secret Kindle hidden in my house that just contains the entirety of the Saddle Club series, so I’m into it.

US Weekend Action:

Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event (KY): WebsiteEN’s Ultimate GuideResultsEN’s Coverage

Ram Tap H.T. (CA): Website, Results

Stable View Spring H.T. (SC): WebsiteResults

University of New Hampshire Spring H.T. (NH): Website, Results

Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Spring H.T. (VA): WebsiteResults

Horse Park of New Jersey Spring H.T. (NJ): WebsiteResults

UK Weekend Action:

Aston-le-Walls (X): Results

Bradwall Manor: Results

Chilham Castle (1): Results

Cirencester Park (X): Results

Frenchfield: Results

Port Eliot: Results

Withington: Results

Your Monday Reading List:

Badminton week might be upon us, but I’m not quite ready to let go of Kentucky just yet. If you feel the same way (and I know you do!), dive into this photo gallery from the Chronicle of the Horse and relive some of their favourite moments of the week.

We all know being a Horse Girl is the epitome of cool. Now that our great vibes and top-notch tailoring are once again permeating the mainstream, though, it’s time to take an objective look at what it actually means to be part of the gang. Mostly, in my experience, it’s about smelling a bit funny all the time.

As a lifelong horse magazine browser and committed daydreamer, this blog spoke to my soul. It comes from our cousins in the hunter-jumper world, but nevertheless, I reckon most of us can resonate with Rennie Dyball’s account of working her way to what she’d always dreamed of. It’s inspired me to kick on and chase down a few more of my own dreams this week.

For many riders, the relatively new Modified level is a godsend. Sandwiched between Training and Prelim, it offers bigger fences and a tougher challenge than the former, but bridges that enormous gap to the latter, which can so often feel out of the reach of time-strapped amateur riders who don’t have the luxury of getting their eye in on multiple horses a day. But is this useful level being overlooked? Eve Kaplan-Walbrecht spoke to some competitors to find out how the option to compete in Modified classes has transformed their competitive seasons.

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Did you fall in love with Calmaro, the tiny, big-jumping grey gelding piloted by Ireland’s Joseph Murphy at Kentucky? Then brace yourself: Joseph’s back this week with an entry for Badminton, and you’ll be very into this one, too. Follow him to join the journey and cheer on the leggy Cesar V this week!

Morning Viewing:

Want to take a ride around Kentucky 5*? Jump on board Elisa Wallace‘s Let it Be Lee: