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I was perusing the #goeventing hashtag on Instagram this weekend and stumbled upon this awesome show of Pride at Shepherd Ranch! Pride month and other awareness and visibility months serve, among many, one major purpose: to help someone who feels invisible, unseen, unheard, excluded, or otherwise downtrodden because of who they are feel a little bit less alone. If one person saw a display such as the above and felt more comfortable in their skin, then I’ll call that mission accomplished.

It’s always a bit disorienting coming back “to the office” after a 5* weekend (and I’m not even the one globetrotting — Tilly, I hope you’re getting some good sleep right about now). I’m not sure if it’s the time difference, the constant anxiety that comes with score-stalking, or just the fever dream that is any 5* event, but I always feel like I need a minute to readjust to the “real world” where eventing is only a tiny piece of the pie.

All of that to say that covering these events, both remotely and on the ground, tends to consume our lives on big weekends such as this. My hat is forever off to Tilly, our UK-based reporter and editor who has a ridiculous eye behind the camera and an even more ridiculous penchant for words. If you missed any of our coverage from Luhmühlen this weekend, you won’t want to go without any longer: you can catch up on everything here.

U.S. Weekend Results

Bucks County Horse Park H.T. (Revere, Pa.): [Website] [Final Scores]

Full Gallop Farm June H.T. (Aiken, Sc.): [Website] [Final Scores]

Honey Run H.T. (Ann Arbor, Mi.): [Website] [Final Scores]

Kent School H.T. (Kent, Ct.): [Website] [Final Scores]

Seneca Valley Pony Club H.T. (Poolesville, Md.): [Website] [Final Scores]

Shepherd Ranch H.T. (Santa Ynex, Ca.): [Website] [Final Scores]

Silverwood Farm Spring H.T. (Camp Lake, Wi.): [Website] [Final Scores]

Major International Events:

Longines Luhmühlen CCI5*: EN’s Ultimate GuideWebsiteCCI5* Final ScoresCCI4*-S Final ScoresH&C+ Live Stream ReplaysEN’s CoverageEN’s TwitterEN’s Instagram

Monday News & Reading

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Hot on Horse Nation: Here’s wishing all of the #horseshowdads out there a happy belated Father’s Day! Check out the latest reader photo challenge celebrating the holiday here.

Relive the Rave Horse freestyle heard around the world with this fun look-back on the Tokyo Olympic test delivered by Steffan Peters and Mopsie.

How eventers are making strides for equality in equestrian sport: As we honor and recognize the federal Juneteenth holiday, it is an important time to reflect on diversity, equity, and inclusion: where we have been and where the eventing community can continue to grow. Read more here.

Amateur Spotlight:after Tilly posted a photo of 62-year-old Swiss rider Beat Sax competing in his first team competition at the Pratoni test event last month, the eventing world just had to know more. Check out this cool profile on the rider making his dreams a reality — and inspiring all of us at the same time – here.

Monday Video Break

Packing for a long haul? Texas-based eventer Anna Pierce is here to help with her newest vlog: