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I love seeing eventers try something new and succeed with aplomb, even though it generally makes me spiral into self-doubt and wonder why I, too, can’t be good at all the things. The reason for today’s crisis of confidence? Olympic eventer Tiana Coudray, who had a good crack at an Intermediare I freestyle over the weekend and walked away with a rather excellent score of 75% for her efforts. Go get ’em, girl.

National Holiday: It’s Alpaca Day. Offer your congratulations to any you encounter today, I guess.

US Weekend Action:

Stable View Oktoberfest (Aiken, SC): [Website] [Results]

Twin Rivers Fall International (Paso Robles, CA): [Website] [Results]

ESDCTA New Jersey H.T. (Allentown, NJ): [Website] [Results]

Larkin Hill Fall H.T. (North Chatham, NY): [Website] [Results]

Meadowcreek Park Fall Social Event (Weatherford, TX): [Website] [Results]

Old Tavern H.T. (The Plains, VA): [Website] [Results]

University of New Hampshire H.T. (Durham, NH): [Website] [Results]

UK Weekend Results:

Alnwick Ford (2): [Results]

Moreton Morrell (2): [Results]

South of England International (2): [Results]

Launceston (X): [Results]

Global Eventing Roundup:

Ballindenisk International CCI4*-L: [Website] [Entries/Times]

Your Monday Reading List:

It’s every rider’s worst nightmare: you pop down to the field in the morning and find your beloved horse standing there — on three legs. That’s exactly what happened to amateur rider Tamsin Palmer last summer, but although Bazaars Twister had shattered his pedal bone into a number of pieces, with plenty of rehabilitation and patience, they’ve made the comeback of a lifetime to win the 90cm unaffiliated championship at Frickley. [One to inspire the box-rest brigade today]

There are so many funny little mental roadblocks we pretty universally give ourselves. That step up from Training to Prelim? A huge leap, sure, but made even bigger by the weight we assign to it. Crossing the 1 metre threshold can be one of those, too — as writer Cathy Sobke found. Here’s how she got over it. [The answer is always ‘more leg’]

When it comes to caring for veteran horses, a little extra TLC is needed. That’s partly because every moment you spend with your older horse is a chance to spot niggling little issues before they snowball into serious problems — and grooming is a golden opportunity to get to grips with how your horse is getting on. [Here’s how to maximise that time]

And finally, whatever you do with your horses, and whatever level you compete at, they always take you on an adventure. For Dianne May, that adventure has included taking her first steps into the world of eventing as an adult amateur, and her joy in the sport is palpable. [We’re all on the same ride here]

The FutureTrack Follow:

The BE Support Trust, which aims to help event riders in need — and which has just announced its Winter Ball, for which Nicola Wilson will act as patron. EN table, anyone?

Morning Viewing:

Pratoni continued on apace last week with the FEI World Championships for Driving — and here’s how gold medallist Boyd Excell made the best of those crazy hills: