Monday News & Notes from FutureTrack

As we come out of the wickedly cold holiday weekend, let’s take a look at how some Eventers stayed warm…

Here’s to hoping that your cozy wool socks and sweaters kept you up and running, and that you and your horses stayed safe throughout the temperature changes.

Holiday: Boxing Day! Another opportunity to gather with friends and family and enjoy their company… or find sales to shop, sports to watch, and leftovers to eat.

Your Monday Reading List:

Looking to further develop your cold-weather horsemanship skills? Take a look at some tips and tricks on how to keep your horses warm during winter weather. [6 ways to keep your horse warm this winter]

Here’s some Monday inspiration to kick off your week… Philippa Verry, a winning endurance rider and lifelong horsewoman, has found adaptations to find success with horses, without the use of her arms. [Meet the winning endurance rider who can tack up her horse with her toes]

Want to take a look into the lives of top grooms and riders? Hear from Max Corcoran, Stephanie Simpson, and Hailey Burlock to dive into their careers, horses, and travel to some of the biggest events in the world. [Top Grooms Share All in Adult Rider Open Forum Groom’s Panel at 2022 USEA Annual Meeting & Convention]

Monday Viewing:

Don’t mind me as I move to the Pyrenees mountains to go hiking with these hardy MerĂ©ns horses. Take a look to enjoy some insane mountain scenery and sunny summer weather as these horses make their way to summer grazing land.

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