Christmas Day Video Break: He’s Baaaaack!

It’s the moment I know we’ve ALL been waiting for: London 52’s first jump school after vacation!

If you’re new to this party, allow us to fill you in.

As most riders do, Badminton winner and Tokyo gold medalist for Britain Laura Collett gives her horses a solid vacation after major competitions. Generally, this means most of them come back into work right around the close of each year. London 52 is an annual attraction on this first-day-of-school event because of his aerial antics and pure enthusiasm for returning back to work.

Here he is! (Can’t see the embedded Instagram post below? Click here to watch it in the app)

ICYMI, here’s a look at “Dan’s” previous antics (Laura, we think you’re missing a serious cash grab not selling tickets to this, tbh):

Go Dan, and Go Eventing!

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