Monday Video: A Tour of Cross Country Day at Burghley

The Defender Burghley Horse Trials are of course a very popular bucket list event for most eventing fans. If you have yet to make the pilgrimage to Britain’s premier fall five star then post-event vlogs will have to hold you over until you can make the trip.

While a vlog may not be the type of whole-competition coverage that we traditionally think of when it comes to an event, I can always appreciate the in-person look and feel that a vlog brings to the table — a handheld phone camera will give you a very different angle than the crane-operated cameras used by the livestream after all. Plus the live stream isn’t going to give you an inside look at the coffee vendors or the restroom stops like this vlog from Hordern Horses does. The coffee lovers and “toilet worriers” thank you for your service!

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