Monday Video: Beast Around Badminton XC with Laura Collett

Ladies and gentleman, this is a helmet cam for the ages! Laura Collett‘s win at Badminton yesterday is the stuff dreams are made of, literally, and thanks to Equine Productions’ Jockeycam we get to take a ride with her on London 52 over Eric Winter’s cross country track.

If you watched any of the live coverage during Saturday’s cross country phase, you’ll have heard rider after rider mentioning what a change it was to have the return of such large crowds lining the ropes and you can really get a feel for how impressive the crowds were from Laura’s vantage point. Just think, is there a little kid amongst the crown somewhere who will go on to dream of being Laura Collett winning Badminton someday and then make that ream come true? Maybe we’ll find out in another 25 years or so.

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