Monday Video: Corvett Conquers the Leaf Pit

Scrolling through Instagram over the weekend I came across this video of Emily Hamel and Corvett, a.k.a big-jumping “Barry” tackling the Leaf Pit, a part of their course we didn’t get to see on the live stream at their Burghley debut. I’ve already watched this slo-mo video again and again, I don’t know how many times now, because it’s just jaw-droppingly impressive.

Barry looks a bit unsure about the major drop off at first, sliding his front over the edge and giving us major Pippa Funnell and MGH Grafton Street vibes, before lowering the landing gear and launching Emily towards the rest of the fences in the complex. (“I definitely got whiplash” Emily discloses in a Burghley recap episode of her and Tyler Held’s The Whole Equestrian podcast.)

Ugh. It’s only been two weeks, but now I’m having Burghley withdrawals already!