Monday Video: Eventing Owner Spotlight on Christa Schmidt

Meet U.S. Eventing Owner Christa Schmidt

Owners play an important role in our sport, although most of the time they are behind the scenes.

Catch up with Christa Schmidt, longtime owner for #USAEventing's Hannah Sue Hollberg, Lauren Nicholson, and now, young rider, Sophia Middlebrook between her rounds at the MARS Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill p/b Brown Advisory!

USET Foundation Inc. | #USAEventing

Posted by US Equestrian on Monday, November 6, 2023

Owners make the world go ’round in so many ways, and we love a chance to learn more about someone who’s chosen to support the sport so generously. In this video from US Equestrian, you’ll meet Christa Schmidt, who owns Hannah Sue Hollberg’s Capitol HIM and several other horses for Hannah Sue, Lauren Nicholson, and Sophie Middlebrook.

“I think the most important thing with the ownership of my horses is, first and foremost, horsemanship and love of the horse and doing what’s best for the horse,” Christa says in the video. “And when you do succeed, it’s so incredibly rewarding because there’s moments where you can be very high and the next day very low.”

Christa talks about the importance of supporting young athletes, and you’ll also hear a bit from Sophia Middlebrook, who campaigns Prontissimo for Christa.

Thanks for all you do Christa, and thank you to all of the other owners out there making big impacts!

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