Monday Video from CLM DWN: A Bouncy Fun Thoroughbred Makeover Sneak Peak

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Mr Wild Kitty is way to much fun. This guy is my next Thoroughbred Makeover horse and although I have barely had any time with him due to winter weather and lack of safe footing he is coming along so fast. I have decided to call him Tigger for his barn name, can you guess why? 😂 He is one bouncy guy. Despite only having a few liberty sessions this guy never left me once today, he has got such a high play drive I cannot wait to see what he is going to learn in the next year.

Posted by Amy Bowers on Sunday, January 12, 2020

We have a ways to go yet before the 2020 Retried Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover in October, but here’s a little sneak peak of what we might look forward to courtesy of Amy Bowers and her 2020 Makeover hopeful Mr Wild Kitty.

Amy is an eventer and Thoroughbred Makeover veteran who’s been particularly successful in the Freestyle division. Last year, she and her 2019 Makeover horse Grande Warrior made it to finale and were crowned Freestyle champions. It looks like she’s aiming for a repeat this year, with this nine-year-old Colorado-bred gelding that she found through CANTER.

Amy has decided to call this bouncy chestnut “Tigger” around the barn for reasons that will become immediately obvious upon watching the video above, which is a neat glimpse into an early-stage liberty training session. Amy is excited about Tigger’s potential because he has a high play drive and shows such good connection, never averting his attention from his person despite only a few training sessions under his belt at this point. Good luck on your journey Amy and Tigger, we can’t wait to see what you accomplish!

Have your sights set on the Thoroughbred Makeover? There’s still time to apply! Trainer applications close this Wednesday, January 15. Trainers will be notified of acceptance by February 15 and accepted trainers must declare their horses by July 31.