Monday Video from CLM DWN: A Mare’s Guide to Social Distancing

The perfect description of a mare’s “love language” 😅Allyson Lockhart Thomas Armstrong

Posted by Ashley Wyss on Saturday, March 7, 2020

Social distancing is hard and unnatural, but necessary right now. It’s the one thing we all have control over that will help #flattenthecurve and slow the spread of COVID-19, buying our healthcare system time to adapt and treat patients to the best of their ability without being totally inundated all at once. For a fabulous explanation of why and how social distancing works, check out this Washington Post article.

Since social distancing can be a bit awkward for us humans, let’s take our cues from creatures who already have a healthy regard for personal space: mares. This mare, in particular, is happy to show you exactly how close you’re allowed to to get. Six feet, please!