Monday Video from CLM DWN: The Five-Star Hamster is Back, Baby

A super clear XC today aboard my amazing #firecracker OTTB Call Him Paddy! A miserable pole down in the SJ (due to exhuberance…but who can really blame us?) cost us the win but a lovely 27 in the dressage and a stunning steady clear on the cross brought us home both smiling and profiling! Love this kid to the moon and back and all his American spirit! So blessed to have him under my tack! Happy fourth to everyone! #poweredbyOTTB

Posted by Lainey Ashker on Saturday, July 4, 2020

Laine Ashker celebrated the Fourth of July in style by riding a firecracker American-bred OTTB around the Maryland Horse Trials this weekend. Lainey had more than one thing to celebrate in this ride, however, as it was her mount’s first time back out in competition after injuring a splint bone last summer.

Affectionately known as the five-star hamster due to his smaller stature yet gargantuan love of jumping, Call Him Paddy underwent a surgery to repair his splint bone at the University Of Pennsylvania New Bolton Center which involved removing part of the injured splint bone and replacing it with a graft taken from the hip bone and securing it with a metal plate. While the surgery generally has a good prognosis and the metal place is able to stay in place, “Patrick” had a bit of a lengthened recovery as the he ended up requiring a follow-up procedure to remove the plate. Thanks to the expertise of the his veterinary team, led by Dr. Dean Richardson, and Lainey’s care and careful rehab this spunky OTTB is back, baby, and he’s clearly stoked to run and jump all the things again.

Join them for a double clear ride as they cruise around the Maryland Horse Trials Prelim track!

What a #firecracker💥 #callhimpaddy #poweredbyottb #happyfourth #whoatherepaddy

Posted by Laine Ashker Eventing and Dressage on Saturday, July 4, 2020