Monday Video from Total Saddle Fit: A Tribute to Toddy, the LEGEND

By now, you’ve surely heard the news of Sir Mark Todd’s retirement from eventing. If, on the off chance you haven’t, make sure you catch Tilly Berendt’s fantastic tribute and have yourself a good little cry.

Five Burghleys, four Badmintons, and back-to-back Olympic Gold medals. Those are just the wins; we don’t dare count the other accolades (we’ll let EquiRatings take care of that) of Mark Todd’s over forty year career at eventing’s upper levels. We couldn’t let this moment pass without re-sharing his absolutely legendary ride at Badminton 1995 where his entire stirrup leather fell off about a third of the way through the course. Did he pull up? Nah — he rode Bertie Blunt the rest of the way with just his right stirrup and finished the course.

Raise a glass to the one and only Sir Mark Todd and enjoy this memorable ninja-esque performance.