Monday Video from Total Saddle Fit: It’s Our Chance to Help Out ‘HorsePesterer’ David Frechette

David Frechette, a.k.a. HorsePesterer, has uploaded 13,698 eventing videos (and counting) to YouTube since 2010 and garnered almost 2 million views. We often share David’s videos here on EN, referring to him as the Patron Saint of Eventing for a reason. As we all know, watching video can be immensely educational. Whether David has filmed you, your friends, or your favorite riders, there’s no denying the service that he’s done for our sport — filming at many, many events and other educational activities, such as the Eventing 25 training camps.

Now it’s our chance to give a little back to someone who has given so much to our sport. David’s camcorder is starting to lose some of its functionality and will need to be replaced, and he has humbly sent up a GoFundMe for anyone interested in contributing towards new equipment. Any extra money raised beyond what he needs will be put towards Amanda Gardiner’s fundraising to go to NAYC in Montana. Anything raised beyond Amanda’s needs will be given out as prize money at events.

New camcorder: $6,000. Service to the sport: Priceless.