Monday Video from Total Saddle Fit: Small Ponies, Big Race

Happy Monday, Eventing Nation. You’ve made it through the first day of a another week and, likely, you’ve been dealing with a bit of horse show hangover (and maybe some Game of Thrones letdown) today. Thankfully, we have just the thing to perk you up this afternoon: PONIES.

Yes, it’s the smallest ponies in one of the biggest races — the Shetland Grand National at the New Zealand Agricultural Show. In this adorable video we meet some of the pint-sized jockeys and ponies who raced in the 2018 edition last fall, along with Lesley Lewis who has served as steeplechase manager and pony trainer for 20 years. They take us through their race day preparations and then along for the ride in the big race. Grab mane and kick on!