Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: Carolina Cross Country Highlights

It was a great day of cross country at the Carolina International!

Posted by EQSportsNet on Saturday, March 26, 2016

If you missed out on the thrilling cross country at Carolina International this weekend, here’s a quick recap: huge fences, technical questions and a heck of a lot of brave horses and riders.

Thanks to EQSportsNet, a live stream was provided of all three phases this weekend, and they’ve just posted this recap of cross country day. Look for appearances from eventual winner Allison Springer, Phillip Dutton, Buck Davidson, Lynn Symansky, and many others as they demonstrate their skill on Ian Stark’s bold course.

If you’d like to view the event on demand, you can subscribe to EQSportsNet here for just $25 per month. Trust us, it’s a worthwhile investment for the hours of education and entertainment!