Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: Ride WEG Cross Country with Brazil’s Marcio Carvalho Jorge

Marcio Jorge Head Cam – Eventing XC | FEI World Equestrian Games

It's as if you're riding the actual course 😯Eventing athlete Marcio C Jorge strapped on a head camera during his FEI Eventing Cross Country run yesterday at Tryon2018. Here's how he took on the course 👀 👇

Posted by FEI Eventing on Sunday, September 16, 2018

If you were able to catch the live stream of cross country on Saturday, you may have noticed a unique feature that gave viewers a new perspective on the sport. Sam Fleet of Equine Productions Ltd. outfitted a few riders with the JockeyCam Live, a lightweight helmet cam, which, with its accompanying transmitter strapped to the back of the rider’s vest, could transfer high definition live video for broadcast. During the runs of the outfitted riders, which included Brazil’s Marcio Carvalho Jorge and New Zealand’s Jonelle Price, the live stream occasionally cut to the feed from from the helmet cams allowing the viewer to get a real-time first-person perspective of the course.

This isn’t quite the first time a live helmet cam feed has been used for equine sporting events (but it’s certainly not a common occurrence yet). William Fox-Pitt wore it around the 2015 Burghley course and JockeyCam Live made its U.S. debut during last year’s Breeder’s Cup which took place at Del Mar Racetrack in November. Hall of Fame jockey Mike Smith wore the camera for all of his races and the live feed was streamed on the Breeders’ Cup website, app and part of NBC’s live TV coverage.

The JockeyCam Live made another appearance during today’s show jumping finale, as I spotted Tim Price wearing it during his round, though the live stream did not cut to his perspective at all. Hopefully we’ll get a look at that footage at some point in addition to the other riders who wore it for cross country! Look out for the JockeyCam Live during the rest of WEG as well — Sam Fleets says some of the show jumpers and combined drivers will be wearing it.