Monday Video: Insanity on the Lunge Line

You know we love a little insanity in the middle here at Eventing Nation. It’s evident in our love for our own sport of eventing, but every now and then we have to step back and gaze in wonder at some of the other equestrian sports out there.

We don’t talk about vaulting all that much since it doesn’t overlap with any of the phases of eventing (could you imagine if it did, though?!) but I’ve just come across the videos of the winning individual medalists’ routines from the FEI Vaulting World Championships Herning 2022 and it’s reminded me that yes in fact, there’s quite a bit of insanity in the middle out there in the other equestrian sports as well (should we call it insanity on the lunge line in this case, actually?) And these are just the individual routines — they stick multiple people up there on the horse’s back and all flip around at once in the team competitions!

Anyway, mad respect goes to every athlete out there competing at the World Championships no matter the discipline and congratulations to Manon Moutinho (riding Saitiri — are they riding? Or is it called something else in this case?) and Lambert Leclezio (on Estado IFCE), both of France for taking home gold medals in the individual competition. Enjoy their routines!