Monday Video: Keep Busy In The Arena With The ‘Block Exercise’

‼️THE BLOCK EXERCISE ‼️ Here is the next part of our online videos … please share and join us at 7 pm on Saturday evening for another live Q and A session

Posted by Andrew Williams on Thursday, February 4, 2021

Need another arena exercise to keep you moving this winter? Andrew Williams and Vicky Tuffs of GHF Equestrian have us covered.

You’ve probably seen various pictures of this fun set-up before, but I’ll bet you probably haven’t heard as thorough an explanation about how to ride it and what to work on while riding it than the one given in this video. This exercise can be used by all levels, as the height of the fences can be easily adjusted, and Andrew starts the video off by demonstrating and describing how to warm up and prepare to jump this arrangement. It will have you working on turning from the outside aids, maintaining forward momentum, and straightness both before and after the fence.

Bookmark this one, because you’ll want to keep it in your training toolbox!