Monday Video: Ride Burghley with Boyd Martin and Tsetserleg

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If you spotted Boyd Martin wearing the Jockey Cam during his cross country rounds at Burghley then I bet you have been looking forward to this video!

Take a seat behind the ears of the mighty Tsetserleg TSF as he and Boyd navigate the famed terrain and fantastic fences of Derek di Grazia’s 2023 Defender Burghley cross country course. Boyd and “Thomas” ultimately completed the cross country clear and with 9.6 time penalties and then went on to finish the weekend in overall 9th position as the highest place Americans. For an up-close look at all the fences, you can take a peek back at Tilly’s course walk and remember how everything on cross country day unfolded thanks to Sally’s live blog.

Thank you Boyd and Burghley for taking us along for the ride!

Defender Burghley: [Website] [Live Stream] [EN’s Coverage

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