Monday Video: Some Equine TV Magic

I’m sure there are many among us who have devoured the All Creatures Great and Small books, which follow the life of young Yorkshire veterinarian Jame Herriot in the late 1930s onward. You might also know a person or two who was inspired to pursue their own path in the veterinary field thanks in part to these books. Thanks to Channel 5 in the U.K. and PBS in the U.S., a new television adaptation of this beloved series is currently airing.

Now don’t worry — I don’t think this qualifies as  a spoiler — but in the Season 2 finale our hero Dr. Herriot attends to a horse having difficulty foaling. Of course, it would be a bit difficult (and inhumane, to be fair) to time the filming of this scene with an actual dystocia, so that’s where TV magic comes into play. In this case, the part of the pregnant mare was played by a very well-trained gelding named Aramis along with a lifelike prosthetic of an equine booty.

Enjoy this peek behind the scenes!