Monday Video: The ‘Ginja Ninja’ Goes for Grand Prix

Not one to settle for competing at the top of one sport… or two sports… Doug Payne has his sights set on competing in Grand Prix dressage with the fancy-footed Starr Witness (affectionately known as the Ginja Ninja) some time next year (TBD in conjunction with her eventing schedule!)

We’re quite familiar with Doug competing at the 5-star level of eventing as well as his routine ventures into the world of show jumping where he’ll casually jump around a Grand Prix class on a couple of horses. The next logical step is to add a third FEI discipline to his repertoire, of course!

Starr Witness, an 11-year-old Dutch Warmblood owned by Doug and Jessica Payne in partnership with Catherine Winter, has competed in eventing through the 4*-L level herself and sets hoof in the pure show jumping ring with Doug from time to time too, but with a dressage average of 28.2 throughout her FEI eventing career she’s a shoe-in for having a side hustle in pure dressage as well.

Tempi changes, canter pirouettes, passage and piaffe — they’ve got it all, complete with sassy tail flicks! Enjoy this video of their Grand Prix practice.

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