Monday Video: Who Wants to be an Equestrian-naire?

Just in time for a little end-of-year fun, the FEI gives us this ultimate equestrian sport quiz Who Wants to be an Equestrian-naire? a riff on the classic game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire? now with 100% more horse questions, but sadly 100% less actual money to be won. Your prize instead will be bragging rights across all FEI disciplines if you’re able to score well!

If you have a little downtime during this funny still-2020-but-almost-2021 week, or maybe you’re having a virtual New Year’s party amongst horsey folk (this quiz would be a perfect game to play via Zoom!) download the scoresheet here and test your equestrian mettle. Let us know how you do! (Once you’re done, you can find the answers here.)