More Photos From Rebecca Farm

Kristi Nunnink and R-Star, winners of the CIC3*. (Nancy Dein photo)


Many thanks to Bill Olson and Nancy Dein for sending us some great show jumping images from Rebecca Farm yesterday.  The course looks beautiful!  Did you miss any of our Rebecca Farm coverage over the weekend?  Click “All You Need To Know” to browse the updates.  [CIC3* Results]   [All divisions]


Katy Groesbeck and Oz the Tin Man, 3rd in the CIC3*. (Nancy Dein photo)

Zach Brandt and Cavalino Cocktail finished in 5th in the CIC3*. (Nancy Dein photo)


Emilee Libby and Nonsensical, 9th. (Nancy Dein photo)

Jordan Taylor and Cambridge, 15th. (Nancy Dein photo)



Lauren Billys and Ballingowan Ginger, riding for Puerto Rico, finished 4th and won top Irish Sport Horse and earned the best show jump round as chosen by the SJ course designer.  Thanks to Sara Braun for the photo!

Lauren Billys on Ballingowan Ginger, Addie and Sydney Johnson and Marta Tabatabai

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