Mourn the Beginning of Fly Season with SmartPak’s Latest ‘Stuff Riders Say’

SmartPak’s back, y’all. New episodes of ‘Stuff Riders Say’ because let’s face it: we say some pretty weird things. With fly season approaching (or, in some areas, already here), it’s time to break out the fly spray, fly masks, and every other tactic we can think of to rid ourselves of the pesky winged bugs.

If you’re lucky enough to live in the Midwest like me, you’re in for locusts as well. Well, perhaps the locusts are coming to other areas too, but I’m focusing on the dread I am experiencing of the hoards that are on the horizon here in Missouri.

Fortunately, SmartPak’s episodes on fly spray are enough to keep us laughing all the way to the tack store as we stock up on industrial strength gallons of the stuff. Enjoy these episodes of ‘Stuff Riders Say’, and here’s to the never ending battle against bugs!