Move Over, Helmet Cams! Google Glass is Coming

Google Glass is the new tech gadget you can't afford.

So, I’m kind of a nerd. Ok, I’m kind of a big nerd. But I happen to think technology is pretty cool, and so when a new “it” gadget makes waves on the likes of Gizmodo and Endgadget, my first instinct is to figure out how it coincides with the horse world. On that note, I bring you Google Glass.

It looks like a pair of glasses, I get it. It also may or may not make you resemble a cyborg, but I’ll let you formulate your own opinion on that one. However, the features and functionalities of these glasses are just out of this world. In the video below, you can see what it will look like when you are wearing Google Glass. It’s not intrusive, and it allows you to view information such as emails and text messages and, most importantly for us, take pictures and video. There is a (very short) snippet of what the view would look like from horseback in the video, and it’s pretty cool!

From Graphic Arts Mag:

The clip is intended to show how it feels to wear Google Glass, which appears as a small, suspended screen that can show images, messages, translations, mapping information and video chats with people who aren’t present. 

How great would it be if you were allowed to integrate your course comments and notes into your Google Glass so that you could see it while you tear around cross country? Come to think of it, I’m sure that will most definitely not be legalized in our sport, but one can dream. You know, “down bank approaching, please don’t screw it up!” Ok, maybe I can tell myself that without needing a pair of glasses.

With the exponential rise in the use of helmet cams, I am sure that those of you who are lucky enough to get their hands on Google Glass will also be eager to test it out on horseback. Perhaps we can get Peter Atkins to be the first official EN guinea pig?

Enjoy the video sneak peak below!


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