My Five Fave Friday Deals from the Virtual Vendor Village

No secret that vendor shopping is one of my favorite eventing pastimes, and we’re so very happy here at EN to connect our favorite companies with other like-minded shoppers! Each day we’re bringing you new deals via EN’s second annual Virtual Vendor Village (check out Friday’s deals here), then sharing our top picks of the day. Here are five that caught my fancy today!

Tapestry Equine Products: If your horse prefers a spur that feels more like a “gentle nudge” than a “POKE!!!!,” Spursuaders could be a welcome option.Linda Hauck, owner of Tapestry Equine Products, designed them with sensitive horses in mind: “The reason I developed this spur was in large part my experience riding sensitive horses, particularly Thoroughbreds. How they overreacted to a traditional spur, how some would get tense right away when they knew you were wearing a spur or watching a horse get inadvertently ‘spurred.’ That got me thinking that there must be another way to get our point across to the horse without offending or creating tension in that horse.” Now through tomorrow, you can get a free pair of Spursuaders with orders of over $300 or more when you use code LR300 at checkout.

Check it out here. Photo courtesy of Mare Modern; words by Leslie Wylie.

Mare Modern Goods: Mare Modern Goods is aptly named, offering a selection of apparel, accessories, home goods and gifts featuring original designs that are — like our favorite mares — bright, bold and a little bit sassy. And because they know how important being matchy-matchy is, different collections pair themes across multiple products ranging from pillows to artwork, shirts and socks to saddle pads.  Are you more of a Lovey, Badass, Channing, Foxy, Willa + Trooper or Ned? That’s something that ultimately only you can decide, but personally … I’ve got to say, you look to me like a badass. Today you can take 21% off your order using code KLREN21.

Photo courtesy of Perri’s Leather.

Perri’s Leather: You know Perri’s from their Kentucky booth — the one with the gorgeous Amish handcrafted halters and leads? Well these are their best-selling half-chaps, crafted from supple suede cowhide and featuring reinforced inner legs and stretch panels, which provide a near custom fit and help the chap form to your legs for peak performance and comfort. Snag ’em for $20 off NOW! They’re marked down from $50.95 to only $30 with code ZIP. 

Banixx: On his annual Kentucky cross country course walks Jimmy Wofford is fond of referencing one of his many Jimmy-isms: “Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it.” I’d say something similar about equine skin infection products — you don’t need them until you NEED them, and by then it’s too late. The wise horse owner keeps skin infection products on hand, so that the moment your horse starts cooking some crud you can jump right on treating it immediately.

I’ve had fantastic experience with Banixx products, and in particular the Banixx Pet Care Bacterial & Fungal Infection Spray. I’ve kept it in my grooming kit, ready to go, this spring, so at the slightest hint of rain rot I was able to treat it from the get-go with a highly effective product.

Banixx products, which also include an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial shampoo and a wound care cream, are on sale this week via Valley Vet Supply — you’ll automatically get 20% off when you order from Valley Vet! 

Horse & Country TV: Horse & Country TV is streaming Kentucky this year, and you’re GOING to be watching it, obviously, so there’s no better time to take advantage of this hot deal: One month free trial if you sign up during the week of the Virtual Vendor Village. Plus, you can check out all of H&C TV’s other great programming, like highlights from Carolina International and Master Classes with Liz Halliday-Sharp, Imogen Murray, Tim Burton, Ben Hobday, William Fox-Pitt and many more.

Go Shopping. Go Eventing!

Check out the full list of Friday deals here. Go Eventing, and Go Shopping!