Need Inspiration? Teenager Who Lost Both Legs and an Arm Returns to Riding

The British paper The Daily Mail has a wonderful, inspirational story about Ellie Bishop, a 13-year-old with dreams to ride dressage in the Paralympics.  Ellie was diagnosed with life-threatening meningitis at age five, and doctors had to resort to amputating both her legs, one arm, and part of her remaining hand.

From the Daily Mail:

Ellie has adapted to life without the same mobility as others and has kept up all of the hobbies she had before meningitis.She is now hoping to become a Paralympic dressage rider.

Ellie’s mother Karen Dunnaway, 31, said: ‘Ellie has been through such a lot and has really been very determined to carry on a normal life.

‘Horses are her passion and she used to ride before she became ill and was adamant she would get back in the saddle one day.’

Just 12 months after her illness, Ellie had a saddle custom made for her and she began to ride horses again.

Ms Dunnaway said: ‘All me and her father Paul have wanted is for Ellie to make a good recovery. She was so close to death so we were relieved when she was stable.

‘The last thing I was thinking about was her getting back on a horse. But we have never stopped her doing anything and her attitude is amazing.’

Click to read the full story.


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