Need to Know Wednesday: Good News for Jan and Rebecca


in case we didn’t already know!” ~ from Sinead’s blog
****Sarah Lieser reports that Jan is up and walking (*link fixed), and that her family requests that friends and well-wishers respect her privacy.  Also, the story links to EN’s Pine Top recap, which is an awesome compliment.
****In continuing the good news, the mystery third rider (see #2) to take a ride in an ambulance at Pine Top, Rebecca Lee, suffered a minor concussion but is doing fine. We have gotten a couple of emails asking about her, and I knew on Sunday that she went to the hospital.  This story took me the longest to figure out because I just don’t know as many people close to Rebecca Lee, but we’re glad to hear she is ok.  As always, I appreciate everyone who feels the best course of action is to get the facts out there before other people start making things up.  Most of all, I’m glad that people understand that Eventing Nation will handle those facts discreetly, and with a respect for everyone involved and the sport of eventing.
Sinead’s latest Rebecca Howard update includes a room number for sending well wishes or flowers.  Sinead and Rebecca need to get a ton of credit for handling this situation with an openness and sense of humor.  Having kept a close eye on many PR strategies, the best way to handle any tough situation is to get the truth out ahead of the story.  This is much easier said than done in times of crisis, but it makes a huge difference.  Sinead also has a great sense of humor in her writing; the next time I crash, I want Sinead to document the whole thing.


Boyd’s latest blog entry states that Neville, Remi, and Rock on Rose are all targeting Kentucky.  I don’t want to read too much into it, but this might suggest that the USET is encouraging their top prospects to head for KY rather than a spring 3*.
3D3W: Sean Crocker part 2
Thoroughbred sales and betting continues to decline in the US.
The Chronicle has added the HRN to their website.
When someone gets drunk and flips their lorry into a water-filled ditch, it leads to a huge rescue effort to save the horses.
When someone gets drunk and tries to pull their lorry with their horse, it leads to mayhem.
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