Needs More Impulsion: Meika Decher’s At-Home Stick Horse Event

Meika Decher, an FEI level event rider who owns and operates Polestar Farm in Lake Stevens, Washington alongside her husband Mark Salser, is clearly missing the start box. So much so that she grabbed a broom, er “stick horse,” strapped on her helmet and safety vest, and headed out to tackle some cross country on foot.

Aside from banking nearly every jump, probably ruining her tall boots in the water complex, and I was sincerely concerned about an ACL tear when she headed for those drops, Meika found the finish flags … some 300 (goodness!) jump efforts later. She demonstrated pretty good rhythm throughout, although she could have used a little more leg at the base of some of those fences and her form definitely isn’t going to win any hunter classes anytime soon. But she showed us a lot of grit and determination, and isn’t that exactly what the world needs right now?

Thanks to everyone out there in the Eventing Nation working hard to keep the community’s spirits up in these trying times. Go Eventing!