New Sponsor Spotlight: Ice Horse

A big Eventing Nation welcome to our newest sponsor, Ice Horse. The company’s been setting the standard for cold therapy for 15 years. Very cool. Like us, of course. And, also like us, they work tirelessly to come up with better and new ways to help our horses feel and perform their best.

To celebration this spirit of innovation — and the fact that we no longer have to schlep buckets of ice around at events — Ice Horse will be presenting Throwback Thursdays, our weekly series in which you try to see through the haircuts and braces to guess which rider (or horse) is pictured in all their Kodachrome glory.

Ice Horse’s own “now and then” story is best illustrated here:

Before Ice Horse

Old School Icing [photo courtesy Ice Horse]

Old school cold therapy. All photos, except where noted, courtesy of Ice Horse.

 After Ice Horse

Today's Cold Therapy The Ice Horse Knee to Ankle Wrap [all product photos courtesy Ice Horse]

Today’s cold therapy — The Ice Horse Knee to Ankle Wrap

Ice Horse has a whole line of wraps featuring their patented FirstIce insert packs. The inserts slip into pockets in the wraps and mold to your horse’s legs for maximum coverage. They stay cold for more than two hours. Where I board, we have a freezer dedicated to Ice Horse — which regularly bums out thirsty summer visitors seeking cold therapy of a different flavor. The wraps themselves are made from Quadrispan, a high-tech, anti-migration fabric designed to be breathable yet keep the wraps in place and the compression even.

Ice Horse Evendura Wraps

Ice Horse Evendura Wraps

The Ice Horse Evendura wrap was created with eventers in mind, locating the ice compression from below the knee to the pastern/fetlock. They can be used for front and hind legs.

The Big Black Boot

The Big Black Boot

The Big Black Boot focuses the therapy on the hoof. In a bit of Velcro origami genius, it folds over itself to lock a horse’s foot in ice from the coronary band to the toe. The bottom’s made of polymer molded into a safe, high-traction “shoe.” Ice compression therapy without the mess.

A wrapper even cooler than Jay Z

A wrapper even cooler than Jay Z.

Far easier to wrap than your average burrito

Far easier to wrap than your average burrito

Naturally, Ice Horse has products for riders as well for those rare (typing this with newly inserted chromium shoulder plate in what’s left of my collarbone) occasions when we hurt. The IceRider Knee Therapy and the IceRider Lower Back Therapy  can help you chill out the pain.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 10.35.44 AM

The Ice Horse XC System in action.

With the Ice Horse XC System, you can harness the technology developed for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where it was designed to cool horses fast after brutally hot cross-country runs. Specially engineered water flow scrapers allow two people to spray a horse on both sides at once with evenly chilled and pressured water, fueled by a battery. The wheels make it easy to use in the vet box or in the barn. It would also probably fuel the best Slip ‘N Slide party ever. The Ice Horse Continuous Cooling System is another continuous flow cold water therapy system that’s portable and potent.

The pros love the products, which are made in America and come with a 30-day money back guarantee. “We use Ice Horse routinely after our cross-country runs for fast, easy cooling of tendons and ligaments,” Buck Davidson says on the company’s website. Ice Horse also sponsors Lucinda Fredericks, Clayton Fredericks and Gina Miles, as well as jumpers Laura Kraut, Hope Glynn and Rich Fellers. USET Team Veterinarian Dr. Mark Revenaugh and Dr. Russ Peterson, founder of the Association of Equine Sports Medicine and The International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology, are both fans of Ice Horse products.

Just as cool as their technology is Ice Horse’s commitment to CANTER. The company has provided the organization with outdated but perfectly functional products when they release new models.

Ice Horse makes cold therapy easy and efficient. It does leave us with one question: What to do with all that ice?

A few suggestions:






Go Eventing! Go Ice Horse!



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