New Year’s Eve Links from Tipperary

I think it's a resolution we can all get behind! I think it's a resolution we can all get behind!

It’s the last day of 2016 and almost time to start putting together that show calendar for the upcoming season. Admittedly it’s hard to get motivated to ride when it’s frosty cold outside, but that just means it’s a great time to take care of all of the “house-keeping” items that could possibly put a damper on your first outing of the year. Now is the time to make sure those show clothes still fit, that your memberships are up to date and that your medical armband or bracelet’s information is current. It’s also a great time to double check the manufacture date on your helmet and pick up a new one with all of those gift-cards your thoughtful friends sent your way for the holidays. Mostly, I’m encouraging you to shop because there’s no better way to spend the last day of the year than collecting¬†the things you will take forward in to the next. Best wishes for the coming year, EN!

Saturday Links:

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