Flashback Friday Video from World Equestrian Brands: Worst EN Videos of 2016

EN has grown up at least somewhat since the days of publisher John literally running cross country courses with his v1.0 iPhone, dispensing half-baked commentary atop a truly vom-inducing live video experience. Immersion journalism! We’ll take you there! You might throw up, but you’ll feel like you’re there, on that course, chit-chatting and frolicking along!

The event world hadn’t seen anything like John’s “worst video ever” series before, and they weren’t sure that they wanted to ever again.

Fast forward: the blog John was running out his mom’s basement eventually blossomed into a real website with actual street cred. We got a little more professional. The quality of our writing, photos and videos improved.

But … what has been seen cannot be unseen, and we still have our bad days. Days when, in our quest to convey the sensory details of an experience, we take things one step too far.

Like when John and I decided to run the Rolex 5K:

Or I thought it would be fun to go film some super drunk party people at Boekelo:

Still haven’t upchucked your cookies? Try this video of Chinch riding a dirt bike at The Fork:

Chinch on the move, dirtbike style. #thefork #chinchstagram #ridindirty

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Or this one of Chinch on a boat at Carolina International, if you’re prone to being seasick:

Well, this is officially the scariest obstacle on course. #chinchgoescanoeing #teamkangaroo #carolinainternational

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One more for the win in categories of “surprise ending” and “overall disorientation”: Are we in a VIP tent? Are we on the cross country course? Is there a cross country course IN the VIP tent? What is going on?!

Ryan Wood and Curran Simpson’s Woodstock Bennett through the VIP tent at the Wellington #EventingShowcase

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Well, it’s been fun puking with you, EN. Here’s to keeping a steadier hand on the wheel in 2017. JK! Never! Go Eventing!