Thank You from Eventing Nation


Eventing Nation would like to extend a special thank you to Holly Covey, an eventer,  photographer, and Eventing Nation regular who has generously allowed us to use her picture for our new header photo.  The original picture is above, and we worked with it in photoshop to produce the header.  Our goal was to find a photo that emphasized the community component of the Eventing Nation.  Holly took the picture from the in-field at Rolex 2008.  Thanks Holly!
We have received one report of someone’s computer not displaying the header image, so if you do not see a picture behind the Eventing Nation title, please send me an email.  The incompetent moron who does all of Eventing Nation’s web design (his first name starts with a ‘J’ and ends with an ‘n’) is a complete amateur and has trouble getting things right on the first, second, and even 30th try.  
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