Video Sunday: The Evolution of Cross-Country

I am very pleased to introduce Eventing Nation to Leslie Threlkeld, who is a rising freelance eventing journalist.  Leslie has generously volunteered to contribute a few posts over the next several weeks, and we look forward to her involvement.  Leslie’s post today dovetails nicely with our priority of involving eventing’s history with our present and future.  Thanks Leslie, and thank you for visiting Eventing Nation.

By Leslie:

The sport of Eventing has gone through many changes in the past few years, and in the debate over the long and short format, cross-country has changed the most. Either way, it’s still more fun than dressage! 

Military Riding – Jumping Cross-Country:  Eventing got its start in the military. At one time, officers were the only people competing in horse trials. 

 60 Years of Badminton: As a little girl, I dreamed of winning Badminton on a horse with a dramatic name and difficult breeding. These days though, those jumps look really big. 
Thrills & Spills: Cross-Country Champions: Can you name all the Eventing legends in this video? What balance! What stickability!  
Three Day Event - The Toughest of Sports: As long as we have cross-country, we will always be the tough riders. This video has great interviews, and a nasty fall at the very end.  

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