No Swan Dives for Hannah Scheid and Mile High Murphy at Champagne Run

The infield water complex was the place to spectate at last weekend’s Champagne Run H.T. at the Kentucky Horse Park. Between the plastic flamingos and an edge-of-your-seat variety show of jumping styles into the pond, if there’d been a daiquiri stand I’d have probably camped out there all day. (Feel free to pocket that idea away for next year, Champagne Run organizers!)

The complex received mixed reviews from equine competitors, however.

Despite it being a fine day for swimming, some horses weren’t quite sure they wanted to get their feet wet. Exhibit A: Hannah Scheid’s Mile High Murphy in the Open Training division.

I have no idea how I stayed on but Murphy decided to make the water more interesting today #eventerproblems

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Well-played, Hannah and Murphy! It certainly wasn’t a swan dive — a flamingo dive, perhaps?

A few other less dramatic passes through the water:

He’s such a cool dude. #jumpthestarseq #babyunicorn✨

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Both horses finished on their dressage scores at champagne run this weekend!!

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Go Eventing.