Nupafeed Weekend Winners: 2019 USEA Year-End Awards & Grant Winners

Photo by Leslie Wylie.

Eventers clean up alright, and they showed up in their glittery finest on Saturday night for the 2019 USEA Convention Awards Dinner & 60th Anniversary Celebration. Year-end awards were given at all levels based on the USEA Leaderboard, which is formulated based on points earned at recognized competitions throughout the calendar. In addition, a number of special awards were given as well as grants — check out the USEA website for a complete explanation of the various awards.

World Equestrian Brands Rider of the Year: Boyd Martin (PA)
Bates USEA Lady Rider of the Year: Lauren Kieffer (FL)
RevitaVet Young Rider of the Year: Mia Farley (CA)
D.G. Stackhouse & Ellis Adult Amateur of the Year: Arden Wildasin (SC)
Standlee Premium Western Forage® Horse of the Year’: Z, owned by the Z Partnership (PA)
Bates USEA Mare of the Year: Celien, owned by Hallie Coon (ME)
SmartPak Stallion of the Year: Cassio’s Picasso, owned by The Picasso Syndicate (CA)
SmartPak USEA Pony of the Year: Ganymede, owned by Meg Pellegrini (CA)
2019 Sunsprite Warmbloods Volunteer of the Year: Diane Bird (SC)
Courtney C. Reeves Memorial Trophy: Magdalene Meek (MA)
Charles Owen Technical Merit Awards: Michelle Weeks (MI) and Campbell Jones (MI)
USEA Classic Series: Jackson Dillard (PA), Whitney Tucker-Billeter (CA), Elissa Gibbs (KY), Anna Halberg (CA), Caroline Charette (IL), Eileen Morgenthaler (CA), Lorilee Hanson (WA), Christine Feaga (MD), and Lisa Hannan (VA)
Christine E. Stafford Eventing Groom Award: Sally Robertson (FL)
Cornerstone Instructor’s Award: Susan Wainwright (AL), Meredith Scarlet (MA), and Denise Goyea (MA)
Andrew H. Popiel Memorial Trophy: Ann Getchell (MA)
Governor’s Cup: Judy Thayer (PA), Louisa “Wezo” Pierson (NY), John and Dianne Pingree (MA), Annie Eldridge (MA), Fernanda Kellogg and Kirk Henckels (NY), Henry and Janet Schurink (VT), and Louise Meryman (NY)
Wofford Cup: Ann Haller (MD)
Worth the Trust Educational Scholarship: Brandy Savarese (TX)
USEA President’s Lifetime Achievement Award: The Broussard Family (MT)
The Connaught Grant: Cooley Moonshine, owned by The Monster Partnership and ridden by Liz Halliday-Sharp  (FL)
$10,000 Essex Grant: Mia Farley (CA)
$5,000 Seema Sonnad Junior Rider’s Grant: Elizabeth Henry (IN)
$5,000 Haller Educational Grant for Eventing Officials: Amanda Miller (NC)
Captain Mendivil-Yucupicio Award for $5,000: Tim Bourke (VA)
The Wilton Fair Grant: Charlotte Babbitt (CA) and Alexandra Baugh (KY)
Mike Huber Award: Derek and Bea di Grazia (VT)
$10,000 Rebecca Broussard National Developing Rider Grant: Sara Mittleider (ID)
$50,000 Rebecca Broussard International Developing Rider Grant: Andrea Baxter (CA)

Advanced Adult Rider: Boyd Martin (PA)
Advanced Young Adult Rider: Mia Farley (CA)
Advanced Adult Amateur Rider: Caitlin Henderson (MI)
Advanced Master Amateur Rider: Kim Liddell (MT)
Advanced Horse: Z, owned by the Z Partnership (PA)

Intermediate Young Rider: Alexandra Baugh (KY)
Intermediate Adult Rider: Tamra Smith (CA)
Intermediate Intercollegiate: Jackie LeMastus (KY)
Intermediate Adult Amateur Rider: Arden Wildasin (SC)
Intermediate Master Amateur Rider: Shanon Baker (NH)
Intermediate Horse: Danito, owned by Ruth Bley (CA)
Intermediate 7-Year-Old Horse: Miks Master C, owned by Laurie Cameron (NJ)

Preliminary Junior Rider: Meg Pellegrini (CA)
Preliminary Young Adult Rider: Jackie LeMastus (KY)
Preliminary Intercollegiate: Jackie LeMastus (KY)
Preliminary Adult Rider: Michael Pendleton (PA)
Preliminary Master Rider: Boyd Martin (PA)
Preliminary Adult Amatuer Rider: Arden Wildasin (SC)
Preliminary Master Amateur Rider: Shanon Baker (NH)
Preliminary Horse: Southern Sun, owned by Sarah Wildasin (SC)
Preliminary 6-Year-Old Horse: Crystal Crescent Moon, owned by Nancy Winter (VT)

Modified Junior Rider: Cassie Sanger (CT)
Modified Young Adult Rider: Ariana Freeman (VA)
Modified Intercollegiate: Charlotte Stillfried (VA)
Modified Adult Rider: Katie Malensek (FL)
Modified Master Rider: Cindy Phillips (GA)
Modified Adult Amatuer Rider: Katie Malensek (FL)
Modified Master Amateur Rider: Cindy Phillips (GA)
Modified Horse: Landjaeger, owned by Katie Malensek (FL)

Training Junior Rider: Pip Hayes (CA)
Training Young Adult Rider: Jackson Dillard (PA)
Training Intercollegiate: Morgyn Johnson (NJ)
Training Adult Rider: Gabbie Van Scoy (KY)
Training Master Rider: Jennifer Miller (AZ)
Training Adult Amatuer Rider: Gabbie Van Scoy (KY)
Training Master Amateur Rider: Lisa Borgia (MN)
Training Horse: Layla Q/Jackson Dillard (PA)

Novice Junior Rider: Finley Habenicht (NC)
Novice Young Adult Rider: Nicole Ethridge (NC)
Novice Intercollegiate: Noa Crowley (CO)
Novice Adult Rider: Erin Walker (TX)
Novice Master Rider: Madeline Bletzacker (OH)
Novice Adult Amatuer Rider: Alexa Perkiel (FL)
Novice Master Amateur Rider: Curran Simpson (MD)
Novice Horse: Drummer Boy, owned by Madeline Bletzacker (OH)

Beginner Novice Junior Rider: Macie Sykes (GA)
Beginner Novice Young Adult Rider: Keileigh McMurray (NC)
Beginner Novice Intercollegiate: Keileigh McMurray (NC)
Beginner Novice Adult Rider: Kalie Beckers (LA)
Beginner Novice Master Rider: Beth Allen (GA)
Beginner Novice Adult Amatuer Rider: Lisa Sires (CA)
Beginner Novice Master Amateur Rider: Brooke Kahl (SC)
Beginner Novice Horse: Remastered, owned by Beth Allen (GA)

Congrats to all. Go Eventing!