Nupafeed Weekend Winners: Fresno, Paradise Farm, Rocking Horse

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day weekend than…at a horse show? Hey, I can’t think of much better, personally. But here’s a shout-out to the horse husbands, wives, and families that came out to support us crazy eventers this weekend. At least chocolate candy travels well.

We were treated to a pair of sub-20 finishing scores this weekend, one belonging to Amber Levine and I’M Jaguar, who won the Open Training at Fresno on a 19.8. On the opposite coast and besting Amber by just a hair were Doug Payne with Quiberon, who won an Open Novice division on a final score of 19.3. Take a look at Doug’s test:

As promised , the 19.3

Posted by Elizabeth Callahan on Friday, February 14, 2020

And let’s take a look at the rest of our winners from the weekend. Congratulations to all!

Fresno County Horse Park H.T.: [Website][Final Scores]

CCI3*-S: James Alliston and Lilly (35.4)
CCI2*-S: Meg Pellegrini and Dasset Ricochet (30.6)
Advanced: Gina Economou and Exclusive (42.6)
Open Intermediate: Helan Bouscaren and Ebay (25.5)
Open Preliminary: James Alliston and Czechers (36.5)
Preliminary Rider: Taylor McFall and High Times (29.8)
Jr. Training Rider: Tyler Leary and Made You Look (30.0)
Open Training: Amber Levine and I’M Jaguar (19.8)
Sr. Training Rider: Sara Kelson and Rhonaldo (27.3)
Jr. Novice Rider: Clara Marks and Hawk Action (26.9)
Open Beginner Novice: Lauren Henry and Ohmy (25.0)
Sr. Beginner Novice Rider: Maguy Palluel and Native Heart (28.1)
Introductory A: Caroline Dein and Master Twain DF (37.3)
Introductory B: Randi Roehn and Wall Street (29.2)

Paradise Farm H.T.: [Website][Final Scores]

Friday Intermediate Preliminary: Erin Risso and Sportsfield Enquiry (50.0)
Weekend Intermediate Preliminary: Nicole Parkin and Lander Van Het Heekse (40.7)
Friday Open Preliminary: Arden Wildasin and Watch Out (29.7)
Friday Preliminary Rider: Brittany Crandall and Cooley Almighty (31.0)
Weekend Preliminary: Emily Beshear and Silver Night Lady (42.6)
Friday Preliminary Training: Rachel Miles and Zane (27.0)
Friday Open Training A: Courtney Cooper and Excel Star Tick Tock (26.0)
Friday Open Training B: Olivia Dutton and Iniesta (26.2)
Friday Training Rider: Shelley Onderdonk DVM and Chester K (28.1)
Weekend Open Training: Emily Beshear and LVS Jackson (31.7)
Weekend Training Rider: Jackson Dillard and Layla Q (32.9)
Friday Novice Rider: Margaret Schneck and Islandwood Border Patrol (27.4)
Friday Open Novice A: Alyssa Peterson and Excel Star Renaissance (25.7)
Friday Open Novice B: Doug Payne and Quiberon (19.3)
Weekend Novice Rider A: Darci Phelps and Sandro Street (32.4)
Weekend Novice Rider B: Bailey Yablonovitz and Fiddlers Choice (33.1)
Weekend Open Novice: Alexandra Macleod and Independence Day (28.3)
Friday Beginner Novice Rider: Alana Moro and Southern Star (31.8)
Weekend Beginner Novice Rider: Kelsie Johns and The Dark Knight (35.5)
Friday Starter: Joanne Blackmore and Special Agent Cody (36.9)
Weekend Starter: Rachel Krieser and B.E. Excalibur (42.2)

Rocking Horse Winter II H.T.: [Website][Final Scores]

Advanced Test A: Lisa Marie Fergusson and Honor Me (36.9)
Advanced Test B: Buck Davidson and Carlevo (38.8)
Open Intermediate A: Jennie Brannigan and FE Lifestyle (34.2)
Open Intermediate B: Kimmy Cecere and Landmark’s Monaco (29.1)
Open Intermediate C: Jennie Brannigan and Bliss III (36.1)
Open Intermediate D: Savannah Blackstock and Garryndruig Albie (36.0)
Open Preliminary A: Lucia Strini and Cooley For Keeps (27.9)
Open Preliminary B: Will Zuschlag and Quintana K (33.3)
Open Prelim – Friday A: Sara Kozumplik Murphy and Otta B Quality (27.1)
Open Prelim – Friday B: Angelika Beutel and Alwin (31.5)
Open Prelim – Friday C: Allie Knowles and Ramdam de Mons (30.0)
Preliminary Horse A: Bobby Meyerhoff and Caso (25.4)
Preliminary Horse B: Jessica Phoenix and Tell Me (30.2)
Preliminary Rider A: Mimi Bilodeau and Make My Day (32.1)
Preliminary Rider B: Madeline O’Brien and Casarino (25.0)
Jr. Training Rider: Emeline Gilbert and Herr Winzig (30.2)
Open Training A: Andrea Davidson and Mr. Poppers (21.8)
Open Training B: Dana Cooke and FE Santos (25.7)
Open Training C: Liz Halliday-Sharp and Shanroe Cooley (26.8)
Sr. Training Rider: McKenna Martinez and Commitment (36.3)
Training Horse A: Tik Maynard and Galileo (20.5)
Training Horse B: Hallie Coon and Cavu 54 (29.0)
Training Horse C: Buck Davidson and DHI Showman (31.7)
Jr. Novice Rider: Avery Daigle and Fernhill Tick the Box (29.3)
Novice Horse A: Megan Edwards and Kip to the Beat (30.7)
Novice Horse B: Beth Murphy and Jimba (23.3)
Open Novice A: Madeline Carey and Eckland’s Redino (23.8)
Open Novice B: Jacob Fletcher and WT Caden (29.0)
Sr. Novice Rider: Erin Walker and Zydeco Nights (26.2)
Jr. Beginner Novice Rider: Sophia Hand and OMG He’s Totes Adorbs! (29.0)
Open Beginner Novice: Caroline Teich and Salt Air Swagger (27.5)
Sr. Beginner Novice Rider: Susan Martin and Alice Alice (24.0)

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I am absolutely over the moon about this weekend! Tick tock threw down a beautiful test to score a 29.3, had a great sj round, and a fast but safe and fun xc run to bring home the blue with no penalties added to our score! I can not thank my dad enough for all the support, my wonderful trainer @rbriding, @ash.worth for all of her help, and of course my bestie @kenna_not_dinna and her mom ❤️ Tick tock is headed back to Texas for a well deserved break , while Rizzo and I will continue to grow our partnership here in Florida!🥳 It was great to watch /hang with @carlyblankeventing, @lone_star_eventing @kpm.eventing @mojoeventing @fran.spoltore @adsequestrian ( Can someone explain to me how my 14.3 hand pony looks bigger/ as big as Rizzo who is 16 hands?😂🤪) #averysdoitbest #fernhillsporthorses #fernhilltickthebox #ride4ashley #ride4grady #frscheckitoutnow #sprinkleofpixiedust #rbriding #fernhillfierce ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @polos_over_bros Avery17 for 15% off🎊 @ellanyequestrian Avery10 for 10% off!💛 @msvids_ ambassador☑️ @thepamperedponytreats sponsor 🛍

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just another weekend 🌞

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