Ocala Jockey Club CCI4*-L Cross Country Live Updates

Don’t worry if you’re not down south to watch Ocala Jockey Club International Three-Day Event in person — sunny Florida isn’t so sunny today and everyone looks bundled up! Grab a cup of afternoon coffee or tea and follow along with our live updates for the CCI4*-L wherever you are.

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2:20 Here are your top ten provisionally at the conclusion of the division!

2:19 Jessica Phoenix and Pavarotti gathered 22.8 time penalties, which puts them down the leaderboard in 14th place overnight.

2:16 Our last pair is through the finish flags, so we’re waiting on the live scores to be updated. Someone needs to get Lucinda another hot beverage in the meantime.

2:14 And easily through the final water for Jessica and Pavarotti as well. They’re nearly home!

2:13 Easily through the double brushes for Jessica.

2:11 Nilson and Rock Phantom are home safely.

2:09 Jessica and Rotti take some flags at the double corners, but they’re hopefully clear.

2:07 Jessica and “Rotti” and over fence 8. Nilson and Rock Phantom are still on course looking good.

2:03 Our last pair in the division, Jessica Phoenix and Pavarotti, have just left the start box. They could take over the lead and by coming in no more than one second over time. This will be an exciting finish!

2:02 Lucienne Elms and Mistralou unfortunately collect two run outs at the second element of the double corners. She puts her hand up and retires.

2:00 Nilson Da Silva with Rock Phantom and Lucienne Elms with Mistralou are now on course. Ela Klugman and Bendigo are through the final water.

1:58 Allie and Sparrow’s Nio are over the last combination and the last fence. What a fab pair! Daniela Moguel and Cecelia were fast, but not quite fast enough to take over the lead — they came home with 8 time faults.

1:54 Valerie and Favian are looking good through the final water with a little extra flair added by some Spanish moss training from Valerie’s helmet! They’re close to home and it will be interesting to see how fast they’re been.

1:52 Ema Klugman  and Bendigo are on course now — they’re one of the recipients of the MARs Bromont Under 25 grants. Allie and Sparrow’s Nio are clear through the first water.

1:49 Allie Sacksen and her mighty part-Connemara Sparrow’s Nio are now on course.

1:48 Valerie Vizcarrondo Pride and Favian are clear through the first water. They could actually steal the lead from Lauren if they go double clear.

1:46 Leaderboard changes! Phillip and Sea Of Clouds did indeed have time penalties so they’ll be further down the leaderboard than we initially though. Lauren Kieffer and Landmark’s Monte Carlo have taken over the top spot with a double clear! Sharon White and Cooley On Show slot into third after a clear round with 9.6 time penalties.

1:43 Emily Hamil with Corvette and Valerie Vizcarrondo Pride with Favian are also now on course. Daniela is through the double brushes.

1:41 Lauren and Landmark’s Monte Carlo have had a lovely and what looks to be a very fast round. Lauren checks her watch as they’re through the finish flags. Will they be inside the time and take the lead?

1:39 Sharon and Cooley On Show are home, but their scores aren’t posted on the live results yet. Phillip and Sea Of Clouds’ score now shows them with 25.6 time penalties now which puts then in 12th … not sure what that’s about.

1:37 A tiny bit sticky into the last water for Cooley On Show, but Sharon gives him some encouragement and they’re easily clear through the complex and on their way home.

1:36 Daniela Moguel and Ceclia are on course. Sharon White and Cooley On Show are clear through the double brushes.

1:33 Cooley On Show leaves a stride out she he and Sharon make it through the ditch/brush complex unscathed. Ryan Wood and Rembrandt is through the final water and has had a lovely round with the exception of that dang early runout!

1:32 Lauren Kieffer and Landmark’s Monte Carlo are on course. Sharon White and Cooley On Show are through the first water.

1:29 Sharon White and Cooley On Show are out of the box and they now have a chance to take over the clubhouse lead.

1:28 Ryan Wood and Rembrandt are on course as well and through the first water, but they had a runout early at fence 4.

1:26 Sydney Solomon with Early Review C are on course and clear through the double brushes.

1:25 Lynn and Coolio finish clear, but unfortunately with 17.2 time penalties — that drops then down from 3rd overnight to 4th currently. Phillip Dutton and Sea of Cloud are now in the lead after they’ve turned in the only double-clear round so far.

1:21 Victor Z unfortunately does not particularly want to jump those double ditch/brushes for Kathrine Brown. She puts her hand up.

1:20 Lynn and Coolio are beautifully through the double hedges. We did see them pull a flag at a different complex of double corners earlier — hopefully that won’t be a problem.

1:18 Oh no!! Buccaneer stumbles up the bank out of the final water and can’t quite make the jump over the skinny C element. He tries so hard for Joe, but Joe slips off over his head and takes his bridle with him. What a total bummer.

1:16 Lynn and “Coolio” are clear through the first water. Joe Meyer and Buccaneer take the long route through the angled hedges.

1:14 Phew! Phillip easily makes it through the final water with Sea of Clouds. That’s where he fell from Long Island T earlier.

1:13 Lynn Symansky and her Pan-Am Games partner RF Cool Play are on course and clear thus far. They were in third after dressage and have a chance to take the lead.

1:12 Buccaneer stutters off the ground in the first water, but Joe stays centered and they get through.

1:08 Phillip Dutton with Seas of Clouds and Joe Meyer with Buccaneer are both out on course now, but we haven’t seen them on the live stream yet. Mike and Eddie come home with 18.8 time.

1:07 Pardon the belated news, but Erin Sylvester and Campround have slipped into the provisional lead! They very nearly went double clear, just racking up 0.4 in time.

1:04 Arielle Aharoni tumbles off Dutch Times over the second element of the first water. That’s a wet and cold end to their weekend, unfortunately.

1:01 Steady Eddie is a total beast through the double ditch/brush complex. No problems for Mike there!

1:00 Mike Pendelton and Steady Eddie are on course and clear through the first water.

12:58 Oh dear! Gabrielle Ruane and Lismakeera Brewski unfortunately jump the wrong second element in the ditch/brush complex. They’re been pulled up and are eliminated.

12:55 Madeline Scott and Crosby’s Gold are looking a little underpowered today — they make it through the first water, but Crosby’s Gold says ‘no’ to the first ditch/brush fence.

12:53 Mara de Puy and Congobrazzaville C are home safe! They collect no jumping penalties, but they do collect 26 fault in time penalties. That will drop them out of the clubhouse lead, unfortunately, and into third at the moment behind Buck and Lisa Marie.

12:50 Mara and Congo are clear through the last water — just 3 jumping efforts to go from here.

12:49 Lisa Marie Fergusson and Honor Me are home clear with the fastest time of the day so far! They collect just 5.6 time.

12:47 Erin nearly goes for a swim in the first water when Campground stumbles on landing a bit, but they recover and they’re through clear!

12:44 Mara has to work for it a bit through the first water, but she and Congo are clear.

12:44 Erin Sylvester and Campground are out of the start box.

12:42 Kimmy and Landmark’s Monaco are clear through the last combination.

12:40 Our overnight leaders Mara de Puy and Congo Brazzaville C are on course!

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12:39 Both Hallie Coon and Buck Davidson are home clear of jumping penalties. Hallie and Celien gathered 22.8 time faults. Buck at Copper Beach gathered 13.2 time.

12:37 Lisa Marie Fergusson and Honor Me, the 17-hand horse with a bit of Welsh pony in him, are on course. Buck and Copper Beach are through the last water and clear.

12:32 Kimmy Cercere and Landmark’s Monaco are on course.

12:30 Carry On slams the breaks at a big log table and it looks like Amber Levine is electing to retire.

12:28 Zoe and KEC Zara are home with our first clear jumping round! They collect 15.6 time. Jacob Fletcher also did cross finishes flags safely. Buck Davidson and Copper Beach are now on course as well.

12:26 Amber Levine and Carry On are on course.

12:25 KEC Zara is looking keen still through the water where Phillip fell. Zoe gives her a great ride and they’re clear.

12:24 Hallie Coon and Celien are on course with a lovely ride through the first water.

12:21 Zoe Crawford and KEC Zara clear the brushes where Phillip and Jacob had trouble with ease.

12:20 Nilson da Silva and Cash have been on course for a bit, but has been eliminated on refusals somewhere and are now walking home.

12:15 NO! Phillip tumbles off at the final water over the first element, a hanging log. That’ll end their weekend.

12:13 Jacob Fletcher and Van Gough have left the start box as well and have run into trouble at the exact same spot as Phillip. It looks like the horse may have spooked — could this be something we see course trouble for the rest fo the riders?

12:10 Oh no! Phillip and Long Island T run into trouble at Fence 8, an angled brush over a ditch. They circle and get it the second time.

12:04 Phillip Dutton and Long Island T are our pathfinders on course and they’re off!