Oliver Townend Leads FEI Rider Rankings Post-Kentucky; Boyd Martin Is #6

Photo by Shelby Allen.

Oliver Townend is #1 in the FEI Eventing World Athlete Rankings, updated for May 2021, with 610 points. He sits above Tim Price who is #2 with 605 points. Piggy March is #3 (556), Chris Burton is #4 (515), Tom McEwen is #5 (494), and Boyd Martin is #6 (488). The top six remain intact from the previous ranking, but there’s plenty of shuffling below that including #7 Jonelle Price who rose from #22 to #7 (452).

For the Americans, the other top 100 riders include: Lauren Nicholson in 9th (422) Phillip Dutton in 13th (386), Doug Payne in 18th (366), Tamie Smith in 27th (335), Liz Halliday-Sharp in 28th (335), Will Coleman in 38th (311), Lynn Symansky in 51st (285), Buck Davidson in 56th (277), Will Faudree in 63rd (269), Erin Kanara in 66th (266), Jennie Brannigan in 74th (251), Sydney Elliot in 85th (238), and Woods Baughman in 89th (231).

Americans in the top 200 include Caroline Martin in 101st (216), Colleen Rutledge in 121st (203), Hannah Sue Burnett in  123rd (202), Meghan O’Donoghue in 127th (200), Ariel Grald in 135th (192), Jacob Fletcher in 140th (189), Erin Kellerhouse in 142nd (188), Alexandra Knowles in 143rd (188), Hallie Coon in 153rd (181), Mia Farley in 177th (167), Sharon White in 178th (167), Kimmy Cecere in 194th (162), Alyssa Phillips in 197 (161) and Amber Levine in 199th (160).

Jessica Phoenix is the top ranked Canadian rider in 87th (232), followed by Colleen Loach in 119th (203), Karl Slezak in 152nd (182) out of the top 200.

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