Omega Alpha Blogger Challenge: Conga

We recently selected a few bloggers to try out a 30 day supply of Omega Alpha’s popular joint supplement, Sinew-X. These bloggers have received their supply and will be starting their horses on a 30 day regimen, all while blogging about their observations and results! We can’t wait to see how their horses take to the supplement, and we hope you enjoy following along! Check back this coming week for introductory blogs from all of our writers!

My mare, Conga.

My mare, Conga.

My mare, Mor Conga, is a 4 year old OTTB that has been with me for 3 months now.

I came across Conga in May of 2014 while she was in rehab after having undergone knee surgery to repair a slab fracture — a break in the knee whereby the “slab” of a carpal bone splits and the front part becomes detached to her knees — an injury she sustained at the race track.

She was a real trooper and a good patient during her recovery. I visited her every week and got to know her and found her to be a very kind, sweet and sensible mare. At the first follow up visit from the vet, he notice that her left knee had not healed as well as the right, so additional stall rest was prescribed.

The big question was whether or not she would be sound enough as a riding horse. Jumping was definitely out of the question, but the hope was to get her to be at least fit for flat work or perhaps low level dressage.

We kept the first ride very short in order to give her plenty of time to readjust and of course not cause her any pain. She was very stiff, especially on her right front. While the first ride was short, it also was promising. She improved with every short ride and I was able to adopt her and bring her home in September.

Knowing that she will likely need to be on some sort of joint support for her knees, I researched several products. I like that the ingredients in Omega Alpha products are all natural and I am looking forward to trying Sinew-X on Conga. I am hopeful that it will help her joint function and keep her sound.

I had tried another Omega Alpha product in the past on one of my geldings with respiratory issues and the results were amazing. I had not been able to ride him in years and with the Respi-Free we started to enjoy short trail rides again.

Conga and I are excited to have been selected for the opportunity to try Sinew-X and are looking forward to share our results with you.