Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: Ben Hobday Gives Advice and Training Tips

Ben Hobday recently participated in a demonstration at Your Horse Live to show his training philosophies in action. Using a four-year-old in training as well as his unique partner, Mulrys Error, to show exercises he uses to improve jumping and increase rideability, Ben utilized his sense of humor to engage the audience and keep them entertained.

Ben reiterates an age-old concept for jumping: in order to successfully jump, you need a good, balanced canter and a straight line. Whether you’re jumping a technical show jump round or an open cross country course, these concepts never change.

It’s always interesting to see how horses, even those who compete at the top level of the sport such as Mulrys Error, react to new environments. Ben does a great job of keeping his horses focused in front of the hundreds of spectators, and narrates his actions as he’s executing them.

What’s your favorite way to learn, EN? Do you prefer demonstrations such as this, or do you like to have more of a hands-on approach?